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Advizzo – Changing Behaviour

Advizzo is not just a simple B2B software-as-a-solution company, it takes the solution one step further and engages with the end consumer too.

Advizzo is a B2B2C solution that is transforming the way people think about their energy and water consumption and is helping utility companies achieve their goals of:

  • reducing cost-to-serve
  • refining customer engagement and satisfaction
  • improving operational and consumption efficiency

With a significant amount of experience from both the utility and software industries, the founders – Patrice Guillouzic, Julien Lancha and Pierre-Alain Urban, launched Advizzo in 2015. By combining a wide range of customer data, third party data, and open data together with insights from behavioural science, they created a platform that provides easily implemented features for utility companies’ operations as well as for consumers.

Key Achievements

After just over two years of activity, Advizzo now has eight utility companies (representing six million households) using their software platform. Preliminary results from their first projects in the water sector have demonstrated a significant increase in customer digitalisation as well as water savings.

Using randomised control trials, Advizzo achieved a reduction of over 2 % in household water consumption for the sample population. This represents the most cost-effective water conservation initiative, as the results were achieved by simply changing people’s habits. 

Advizzo plans to achieve far more through continued investment in R&D.

Advizzo is used by eight utility companies, representing six million households.

The funding journey

LCIF invested in the early days of Advizzo, alongside London Business Angels (now known as Newable). The investment team was impressed with the positive customer engagement, not just in the UK but also internationally and continued to support the business with their growth plans.
While sharing his funding experience, Co-founder Patrice Guillouzic said that ‘’The LCIF and the LBA supported our company in the early stages, not only in financial terms but also by leveraging their networks to help the business to grow. The LCIF team provided invaluable advice and assistance in navigating a young startup to a high growth business, all based on their extensive experience in the early-stage ecosystem.

What lies ahead…

Advizzo has recently launched the next round of funding to support its global expansion plans as it continues to cover more ground in the UK market, pursues ventures in Western Europe, the Middle East and takes early steps into the US market.

Along with the relentless geographical expansion, Advizzo is also expanding its offerings as it develops more intelligence for its software, allowing it to provide Smart Homes solutions and improving efficiency through behaviour change in company employees (e.g. technical operations). Advizzo is developing its artificial intelligence offerings while continuously improving customer segmentation and subsequently customer centric behaviour change interventions that ensure every individual receives interventions that are personalized to their status.


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