We are Funding London

We channel funding through appointed fund managers to sustainable and ambitious London businesses.

Returns generated from the funds go straight back into the London ecosystem, making investment available to the next generation.

We recognise the significant role early stage businesses play in London’s economy, not least being the creation of jobs and prosperity. But we also recognise the hurdles that business founders and management teams have to clear before securing growth capital.

With many businesses still struggling to access finance, we bridge the London funding gap and
 enable real opportunities for sustainable growth.

We Connect

We bridge the funding gap for early stage businesses in London and enable real opportunities for sustainable growth. In doing this, we seek to connect with those interested in growing London’s early-stage ecosystem


Start-ups are the lifeline of London’s growing economy and we endeavour to support this high-spirited community in every possible manner. Securing accessible finance can be a hurdle for many early stage businesses, but it needn’t be.

Fluid, healthy markets ensure new business and growth, and with our sustainable approach to investment, we help to keep the capital’s economy buoyant and moving. We do this by providing investment to targeted early-stage ventures through experienced fund managers. With c. £180m in funds under management, we look out for opportunities feeding into equity and loan finance.

All early stage businesses using London as a base and creating jobs in the capital can find out more about our funds here. Apply for access to our funds.

Investors & Partners

Our rigorous process to recruit fund managers and co-investment partners ensures that we work with the best, all of whom have a clear and proven track record.

Our investment funds come from a variety of sources including the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). We also seek fund opportunities from varied public and private sources within the UK and London. By facilitating growth and success, we continue to build accessible funds that can be reinjected into the London ecosystem.

We are adept at designing and managing diverse formats of funding vehicles and are open to partnership and collaboration proposals from organisations that are keen to support SMEs.

To learn more or discuss possible
partnership opportunities, get in touch.

We are Independent

Funding London was established in 2004 as a holding vehicle for the Access to Finance Funds, with the goal of providing long-term support for the Economic Development Strategy of London through SME funding activities. Initially financed by the London Development Agency, European Regional Development Fund Programme (2000-2006), and the European Social Fund, Funding London became an independent company in September 2009 when operations were handed over to the newly appointed CEO, Maggie Rodriguez-Piza.

Growing Places Fund Grant

In 2014, we won the Growing Places Fund Grant of £25m which was used to setup the London Co-investment Fund which aims to provide funds to budding tech and science start-ups of London planning to expand their businesses.

Since our inception in 2004, we continue to channel funding from Europe and the UK, through appointed fund managers to sustainable and ambitious London SMEs. Our reinvestment model allow our funds to go back into the London ecosystem, making investments available to the next generation.

Current Investors & Partners

We Fund

Our long term mission is to create funds to support high growth businesses who are the engine of economic growth in London.



invested in 780 SMEs


multiple of venture funds



jobs created

or safeguarded



legacy put to work

Strategy for re-investment of legacy funds
Independent board of organisations that understand the
business and operate in the relevant fields
Accountability for each programme
Contract with GLA, ERDF and DLUHC to govern use of funds
Activities support the delivery of the Mayor’s Economic Development Strategy
Permanent capital base