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Our Funds

We support London’s businesses by partnering with “best of breed” fund managers to invest our funds. Each fund targets a section of London’s early stage and small business community for whom there exists a funding gap.

The London Co-investment Fund

Budding tech and science start-up businesses in the capital who are looking to raise the finance they need to take their business to the next level can now take advantage of a venture capital fund for small businesses. The London Co-Investment Fund is supported by £25m from the Mayor of London through the London Economic Action Partnership (LEAP) and up to £60m from our partners.

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Jan 2015 - Dec 2018

Amount Invested:£19.9m

Jobs Created:over 1,700

Companies Funded:127

Co-investment Multiple:7.3x

Total Funding Raised:£167m

Update December, 2018

The London Co-investment Fund Our Story so far...

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Our Investment Partners
Our Partners

CAN Early Intervention Fund

We invested in the Early Intervention Fund launched by CAN Invest with UBS in September 2015. The Fund aims to help VCSEs accelerate positive early intervention impact on young people (0-24yrs) in East London's communities.

CAN Early Intervention Fund

Apr 2015 - July 2018

Loans Committed:£834,745

Companies Funded:16

Update July, 2018

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Our Investment Partners

Past Funds

Funding London launched its first fund in October 2004 and in the past 10 years we have successfully supported 560 SMEs by investing over £45m via three equity and four loan funds.

MMC London Fund

The £14m fund focused on driving SME investment in the capital and being a ‘matching fund’ it successfully raised over £114m for the SMEs in the capital.

The fund, managed by MMC Ventures, co-invested alongside other venture capital firms, business angels and other MMC Funds including the EIS Fund. It supported companies that had grown beyond the seed stage, demonstrated commercial traction/revenue, and were seeking follow-on capital to accelerate their growth. The fund, in its last year of the investment period for the main ERDF (2007-2013) grant, was significantly ahead of its cumulative investment target and met its job creation and job safeguarding targets.

Investment highlights:

  • Investments in world class companies across nine sectors
  • Exceeded Portfolio target with 19 companies
  • Co-investment multiple of 8.16x
  • 738 Jobs created
  • 183 Jobs safeguarded

Objective 2 Loan Fund

The £7.8 million fund provided support to over 270 SMEs in various forms like Start-up loans, Growth loans, Mezzanine loans & Social enterprise loans.

Investment highlights:

  • Start-up loans (funded by ESF) up to £20k to businesses with less than 18 months trading (116 SMEs)
  • Growth loans up to £50k to businesses with at least 18 months trading (134 SMEs)
  • Mezzanine loans up to £100k to established businesses with at least 18 months trading (8 SMEs)
  • Social enterprise loans up to £250k to community focussed businesses (13 SMEs)

Economic Recovery Loan Fund

The £3m fund was launched in May 2009, as part of the Mayor’s Economic Recovery Action Plan, to help ease the effects of the recession on SMEs.

Investment highlights:

  • Targeted at established SMEs for whom working capital or other facilities were withdrawn at short notice by banks, and/or where alternatives offered would have been prohibitively expensive or not met cash flow requirements for business
  • 88 businesses received loans

London Legacy Loan Fund

The fund was set-up to reinvest the start-up loan fund legacy in accordance with requirements of original ESF grant.

Investment highlights:

  • 43 loans have been made to date of on average £7.5k to £10k to businesses trading for less than 3 years
  • Target portfolio of c. 50 loans
  • Repayments will automatically be re-lent

London Technology Fund

The £15m co-investment fund was used to support London-based tech start-ups with proof of concept to the development stage.

Investment highlights:

  • 11 industry subsectors
  • Maximum investment £1.5m
  • Co-investment multiple achieved is 4.3x
  • Portfolio of 8 companies

Creative Capital Fund

The £6.5m co-investment fund was used to support London-based creative start-ups who were in the pre-revenue to the development stage.

Investment highlights:

  • 5 industry subsectors
  • Maximum investment £650K
  • Co-investment multiple achieved is 2.3x
  • Portfolio of 17 companies