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We support London’s businesses by partnering with “best of breed” fund managers to invest our funds. Each fund targets a section of London’s early stage and small business community for whom there exists a funding gap.

Funding London’s Tech Startups

The scheme, delivered by Funding London and Capital Enterprise, was established with a £25M contribution from the London Economic Action Partnership (LEAP), and is supported by the Mayor of London.

The Fund co-invests in seed rounds between £250,000- £1,500,000, led by our selected co-investment partners.

Since inception, the Fund has invested in 150 early stage digital, science and technology businesses in London. Alongside its investment, the Fund has catalysed over £200m of private investment and has created an estimated 3,000+ new jobs.

LCIF is now closed for new applications.

Co-Investment Partners

London Co-Investment Fund Portfolio

Here are the companies that we have invested in so far, see below for more information:

AI build

Ai Build is a London based company developing Artificial Intelligence and Robotic technologies for large scale additive manufacturing. We believe additive manufacturing is the core technology for achieving a sustainable environment and a highly efficient on-demand economy.


Subscription based holiday service


Recii an automated, AI-driven,identification, assessment and profiling technology for the recruitment industry. With Recii, you save time, money, optimize performance and can focus on being a better recruitment leader.

Teacher Tapp

Teacher Tapp is an app that asks three daily questions as part of an experiment to learn more about the way schools really work.

Odin Medical

Odin Medical Technologies develops, manufactures and commercializes Intraoperative MRI systems designed for use by the neurosurgeon in standard ORs. The compact, open PoleStar N-10* is a real-time imaging and navigation system utilized during all stages of brain surgery.


KIT-AR is an industrial augmented reality solution that digitally enhances the operator on the shopfloor by providing them with the required knowledge when needed.

Device Pilot

DevicePilot is the SaaS tool which provides the device analytics you need to analyse performance, track KPIs and trigger actions from your devices. Unlike DIY systems, our tool is easy to use and infinitely scalable.


Phasecraft develops quantum software and algorithms.


KageNova is developing core technologies to engineer interactive realism for next-generation immersive experiences, such as virtual and mixed reality.


The Mayku FormBox makes molds in seconds, speeding up your product development cycle.

Orbital Witness

Orbital Witness provides data-driven legal risk identification for property transactions.

Juno Legal

Juno is a software-based law firm that provides delightful, regulated legal services direct to consumers.

Kyra TV

Kyra TV is a Gen-Z entertainment network.

Context Scout

Context Scout intelligently connects information that it finds from other websites with your activity in the browser, giving you contextually helpful information when you need it the most.

Waymark Tech

Wayfinder is an API-led regulatory intelligence solution that provides next-generation horizon scanning technology to give Professional Services firms, sell-side firms, buy-side firms and government agencies total control over their regulatory intelligence, change management, and costs.


Pathfinder is a virtual marketer for eCommerce. It connects to your Magento or Shopify store and creates data-driven campaigns on every channel.


Astroscreen use the latest Machine Learning techniques and the largest collection of bot data to detect bots with high accuracy.


Eola built an online booking platform for activity centres.


Beem lets musicians, performers and influencers live stream themselves in AR and have their followers see those broadcasts wherever they are.


Sceenic works with media companies to create innovative audience engagement features for their platforms, at scale.

Fenton & Co.

Online jewelry shop for responsible and affordable engagement rings.


Inspiral is the micro-video platform for instant knowledge sharing. It provides users with the tools and space to create, share, and consume highly engaging micro-videos teaching hands-on skills instantly. Users are empowered to learn tasks and skills on the spot in seconds, exactly when they need it.  


Swytch can convert 99% of bikes into a state-of-the art electric bike. High performance, lightweight and instantly removable conversion ekit.

Skin Ninja

SkinNinja matches world leading expert evidence (including The International Agency for Research on Cancer and The World Allergy Organisation), to over 200k ingredients, across 800k products.


VisusNano is developing a drug-eluting intraocular lens implant, for use in patients undergoing cataract surgery. By improving patient outcomes, obviating the need for eye drops after surgery, and avoiding the need for laser treatment after surgery, our project has the potential to revolutionise cataract surgery in both the human and veterinary markets.


Create healthier, more active buildings and workplaces with our evidence based programmes. Join some of the world’s largest organisations in transforming the workplaces of the future.


It is all about engagement. We bridge the gap between cities and citizens.

Number Eight

We predict user intent from changes in the environment

Digital Risks

Fast-moving, dynamic businesses need flexible insurance, because you never know what tomorrow will bring.


Close the gaps of poor communication and unproductive interactions.

Channel Fight

Media content, instructional content and programming for fight genre.

Humanising Autonomy

Improving human interaction with autonomous vehicles


Everything you need to feel empowered, knowledgeable and confident about your reproductive health.

Masters of Pie

Masters of Pie is a London based software development studio that liberates the enterprise world from complexity using VR/AR hardware.


OnCare helps care agencies and care workers spend less time on paperwork and more time on what really matters - delivering high-quality care.


MeVitae leverages data-driven cognitive solutions to solve the world’s biggest employment challenges, from increasing workplace diversity to global mobility with the vision of unleashing human potential, via a combination of autonomous augmented intelligence (IA) technologies. Their latest service is aimed at shortlisting top diverse talent for companies.


AI-driven styling solutions for online, in-store and digital clienteling.

Blue Skies Space

At Blue Skies Space Ltd, we aim to break the current bespoke, publicly-funded model for astronomy and astrophysics missions and employ a commercial approach to create new opportunities for cutting-edge science. Our vision is to enable cost-effective, quickly-delivered scientific instruments for users worldwide through a service-based model.

Reality Zero One

Reality Zero One's mission is to design and create a world class end-to-end reality capture and digital delivery platform. A big problem facing VR/AR/MR creators and the broader 3D industry is the cost and time associated with modelling and creating content from scratch. We're building tools that make getting real things into VR/AR/MR & 3D a joyful experience and crafting a pipeline that reduces the time and cost that this process usually requires.

Hummingbird Technologies

Founded in the UK with operations in Brazil, Russia & Ukraine, we enable farmers and agronomists to gain a detailed understanding of their crop at a high resolution in a very short space of time.


Ethical, GDPR-compliant data sharing for your business that uses advanced anonymisation to optimise customer privacy and data utility.


Intelligent and fuss-free staffing - fill front and back of house shifts on a regular or last-minute basis; from wait staff to cuisine chefs, we've got you covered.


We’re a spinout from our latest research at University College London and our focus is on delivering exceptional data science product to improve efficiency and effectiveness in today’s ad tech landscape. We design & build bespoke real-time solutions for the programmatic ad tech community, including demand side platforms, supply side platforms, exchanges, telcos and data management platforms.


Using our bespoke technology platform StarStock enables suppliers to sell directly to wholesalers, pubs, shops, bars & restaurants nationwide. Operating a marketplace, StarStock puts the suppliers in control of their products and listings, taking a small percentage of each sale. Suppliers set the prices, while we do the rest, arranging delivery of beers, ciders, wine and spirits, via our fulfilment network and handling all payment processing and customer support.


Insly is the best insurance intermediary software solution on the market created by a collection of the best and brightest insurance software developers. Our goal at Insly is to support insurance intermediaries - agents and brokers all over the world.

District Technologies

District Technologies is a young startup based in London, which has already been recognised as one of the rising stars of smart cities / property tech. We provide Real Estate players with SaaS to upgrade their buildings to be ready for the smart city revolution. Our founding team has a strong track record in real estate, technology, and scaling digital products (coming from places like Uber, WeWork, The Crown Estate, Interchange and BCG Digital Ventures).


Xanview is a cutting edge British technology company with international affiliates. Since inception, we developed unmatched, forward thinking products that enrich our clients’ lives. We believe that information is the key to making meaningful decisions, that is why we’re dedicated to developing technology that records, organises and presents information. Our core product is based around video surveillance, but we are expanding into full security space including alarms, sensors and much more.

Night Zookeeper

Night Zookeeper is a digital learning tool that inspires a love of writing through competition. Our online writing tool, class blog and interactive lessons encourage children to produce their best writing.


Our mission is to make sure that everyone has access to a comprehensive on-demand insurance solution that covers what they need, when they need it, at a fair price. We support the growth of the sharing economy by helping marketplaces to build trust in their communities.


Lifebit allows reproducible and easy-to-share genomics analysis in a single click.


This is the future of retail. Shoppar empowers retailers with live customer data to help them deliver targeted marketing messages. The software analyses customers on a variety of metrics and provides retailers and brands actionable and insightful data. Targeted products and services can be shown to customers at the point of sale to help them on their shopper mission.


High yield bond data like never before.


Clustermarket is an online marketplace helping scientists to get easy and affordable access to equipment and services they need for their research and business. The equipment and services listed on Clustermarket are offered by universities, other research institutions and businesses.


Shoot enables everyone to be a successful gardener.


Launched in 2014, Snaptrip is a marketplace website that provides last minute discounts of up to 60% on holiday cottages, lodges and apartments across the UK. The website lists over 50,000 properties for holiday breaks and offers exclusive discounts to its members. Snaptrip is the first website of its kind in the world to focus on last minute, discounted holiday properties to the deal orientated consumer.

Food Clubs

Making sustainable products accessible to everyone. A platform for individuals to buy ethical groceries in groups, direct from wholesalers, at 30-50%+ less than shop prices.


BunkerEx the world's most transparent bunker broker. Endeavouring to save customers money in bunker purchasing whilst still getting the same world-class service that traditional brokers and traders provide, but for a fee that is 5x cheaper.

Truly Experiences

Truly is the online destination for the world's most amazing experiences - for people who collect memories, not stuff.


Cognism is an end-to-end sales-acceleration solution that provides sales organizations with a more efficient way to prospect. Delivered as a software service (SaaS), with its unique data asset and compliance engine, Cognism is helping to enrich CRM records, stream leads into the funnel and is using artificial intelligence to surface opportunities and identify customer trends.


Zamna is the world’s first Biometric & Advance Passenger Information validation platform for airlines and governments. The company is a Strategic Partner to IATA in the Passenger Facilitation and Aviation Security groups, helping lead the industry development for One ID.

Vivacity Labs

Revolutionising mobility with better data through intelligent cameras.

Bloomsbury AI

Bloomsbury AI offers web services that enables individuals to create, use, and share text-understanding computer applications. The company aims to help their customers to automate their expertise by a written dialog with computers.

BeamLine Diagnostics

BeamLine Diagnostics has developed a reliable and inexpensive precancer screening system for rapid tissue biopsy analysis that can be operated point-of-care by nurses.


RailsBank is a BaaS platform that connects finTech companies and banks together. The platform provides finTech companies with a range of wholesale banking services, including IBANs, receiving money, sending money, converting money, direct debit, issuing cards, and managing credit through APIs.


CharlieHR is built by serial startup founders to solve their most pressing need – more time. Designed so that it’s easy to use and simple to manage, Charlie automates the administrative headaches of running a company so you can focus on building real value.


It’s hard to know what’s really going on inside your body. Let’s change that. We offer finger-prick blood tests you can do from home.


Launched in 2015, HubBox is a technology company solving the problem of missed deliveries. We offer a parcel Click and Collect solution that can be used with any online retailer worldwide and have a network of over 2500 Collect Points, based in pharmacies, dry cleaners and local shops allowing consumers to collect all their online deliveries from one convenient, local place.

Patch Gardens

Urban gardens delivered.Whether outside your home or in, Patch helps you choose the best plants for you, delivers them to your door, and helps you look after them.


SentiSum is a technology startup which is leveraging AI and Big Data to help enterprises gain competitive advantage.


Ably enables any internet enabled device on the planet to publish data streams to any number of subscribers in milliseconds.


Duel is an Enterprise Marketing Automation solution for Visual Customer Testimonials which increase conversions and drive high quality traffic to help retailers sell more online, whilst enriching customer experience. (new para) Duel engages and rewards customers to create visual testimonials and then then puts them to work at every stage of customer journey. Fully automated and powered by machine learning, it supports retailers with moderation, curation and management of all their customer content.


Learnerbly is a professional development platform that allows SMEs to manage the development of their staff using planning tools and curated content that flex around each individual's personal needs. Employees are matched to learning opportunities that have been curated using peer-to-peer recommendations and insights from over 100 industry experts.


LiveSmart empowers you to keep track of your fitness and well-being with comprehensive health assessments. We look at all aspects of your internal health and relate that back to your everyday nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices. Our online dashboard allows you review your results and track your progress.


Heresy is a workflow and analytics platform that helps salespeople make data-driven decisions and allows sales teams to always stay in sync.


Flock is a London-based insurtech startup leveraging Big Data to pioneer smarter insurance for drones. Flock’s first product is a pay-as-you-fly insurance app for piloted and autonomous drones.


Crozdesk is a business software discovery portal for SMEs and small corporates. It provides a one-stop shop for Software-as-a-Service and on-premise solutions across more than 200 business functions.


Reposit provides an affordable alternative to the tenancy deposit system. Tenants pay a one-off, non-refundable fee equivalent to one week's rent. They guarantee the value of the original six week deposit to the landlord.

Jupiter Diagnostics

Jupiter takes the hassle out of getting reliable blood tests by providing fast affordable results on a portable reader.


Movivo is a platform that allows users to cover the cost of their mobile top-up time by completing surveys, crowdsourced tasks and by downloading new mobile apps.


Memgraph is the world’s first high-performance in-memory transactional graph database.

Action.AI's award-winning technology enables businesses to easily create conversational interfaces for their users. The company’s Language as a Service (LaaS) platform powers high quality conversational interfaces by providing industry-leading language comprehension and processing. is unique in offering sophisticated language processing to its clients without them needing expertise in machine-learning and computational linguistics. The company works across industry sectors from retail to retail banking, and from travel to telecommunications.

Houst London

Houst makes hosting on Airbnb Hassle-free. We are an Airbnb management company using technology to create an infrastructure for the fast-growing sharing community. We dramatically increase property yields and handle everything from cleaning to guest communication, laundry to key exchanges and reviews to pricing. We take care of everything - so you don't have to, all whilst helping you make the most from your property.


StaySafe is an innovative and award winning smartphone app and cloud-based monitoring solution which provides personal protection for lone workers anywhere in the world. Our easy to use app tracks location in real-time enabling employees to check-in safely and request immediate assistance in an emergency.


Driftrock helps brands communicate with customers across their entire lifecycle through social advertising. Combining 1st party CRM data, and ‘real-word’ data like the weather, TV and sports our clients deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time, where they hang out.


Bridging the gap between school and the future. BridgeU was founded to help young people around the world realise their potential, through empowering schools to provide to smart, modern university and careers guidance. Our platform manages the complex challenge of preparing and carrying out university applications, using data, intelligent tools, and streamlined task management, helping schools to prepare the students of today for the world of tomorrow.


myrecovery is a mobile app created by leading Surgeons, Physiotherapists and a Professor of Public Health to inform, guide and empower patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery. By providing easy access to accurate clinical information at the right time and inviting patients to take part in their own care, myrecovery is redefining post-operative recovery and transforming patient experience.


zeroheight is the platform for UX collaboration at scale. It enables companies to build better products, faster, by connecting the world of design to development, marketing and management.

Live Better With

Live Better With’s goal is for every person with a long-term condition to be aware of, and have access to, all the products that could help them improve the quality of their day-to-day life.

True AI

True AI is a London-based artificial intelligence company. Our algorithm learns to reply to conversations, making customer service semi-automatic. This improves customer experience and saves precious service agent time for the hardest queries. Our algorithm is the result of years of research, building on top of cutting edge deep learning breakthroughs.

Hubble HQ

We know how difficult it is to find a home for our companies and how hard it is to build the perfect community in our spaces. Hubble is an online marketplace to match those looking to rent office space with those who have it. Simple. We focus on co-working, shared offices and private serviced offices within specific hubs in London that are perfect for startups.

mOm Incubator

mOms vision is to increase access to healthcare by providing affordable technology solutions. mOm is demonstrating this vision with its first product, which is an inexpensive, electronically controlled, inflatable incubator designed to decrease the premature death rte around the world.


We are pirates paving the way to a next wave of SasS enterprise financial services. Much as Stripe is synonymous with payments and Twilio messaging, WealthKernel is building the go-to api for automated financial services. We're bringing the best the tech world has to offer and disrupting large established financial institutions.


Miappi is a leading social media aggregator. Use Miappi to unite all your social media accounts into an awesome social media wall. Design, moderate and curate your owned content and #hashtag campaign content and output the best of that content to any website or digital screen.

City Pantry

We believe that good food makes a great company. Sharing a meal isn’t just a perk, it creates an atmosphere where better communication, productivity and health are nourished. Our customers and vendors care passionately about their work, and we’re proud to be part of helping them succeed. We’re a lively team, just as passionate about tech and service as about food and set on bringing the best food in the smartest cities to the brightest talent.


BeeLine is a handlebar-mounted device that helps you find your way on a bicycle. It strips back navigation to the bare basics, turning convention completely on its head and resurfacing your natural instinct to find the way.


Pivigo is the go-to hub for data science, offering data science on demand, making it possible for organisations of all sizes and in all sectors to benefit from the power of data. (new para) Through its global hub and its Science to Data Science programme (S2DS), Pivigo is building the world’s largest community of data scientists, giving them the opportunity to use their talent to help businesses, government organisations and not-for-profits unlock opportunities within data.

Much Better Adventures

Much Better Adventures is an online marketplace for booking tailor-made active and adventure holidays with local, independent, and specialist hosts.


Lexoo is an online marketplace that helps businesses get multiple (fixed price) quotes from specialised lawyers, all hand-picked by us. We vet and interview every lawyer, so businesses only receive quotes from lawyers that are right for the job.


Benivo helps leading employers make every relocating employee welcome without breaking the budget, with a technology solution to improve mobile employees experience. Clients: Google, Microsoft, Bloomberg, Vodafone, Hertz.

Urban Massage

Urban Massage is an on-demand mobile massage service connecting users with quality and professional therapists that deliver treatments to the home, hotel or office.


Autotrip is a user-friendly product that is now revolutionising the mileage claims and reporting process - automating every step of the way. On a mission to continually develop smarter solutions for businesses, Autotrip offers a software and GPS tracker that provides quick and accurate mileage claims as well as CO2 reports to help companies reduce their emissions and implement carbon reduction strategies.


Glisser is the best way to engage with your audience and capture valuable data from them


Advizzo transforms how people understand their water and energy consumption, how Utilities engage their customers and decrease operating costs.


Autologyx is an innovative B2B SaaS solution providing intelligent Business Process Management technology helping companies to cut costs, reduce headcount and cut risk. Aptly described as the ‘If-­?This-­?Then-­?That for mission Critical Enterprise’ NowWeComply is set to become the disruptive SaaS player within the Governance, Risk and Compliance market space.


Chaser is transforming how businesses chase up their customers to pay their invoices on time, helping them avoid the scourge of late payment. A business can use Chaser’s communication platform to apply rules based automation to their chasing. They can do so intelligently powered by the behavioural analytics from Chaser’s proprietary email and conversation handling software.


Cronofy is a calendar API that helps businesses & their customers synchronise calendars.

Desktop Genetics

Desktop Genetics is an innovative biotechnology company redefining drug discovery with AI-designed CRISPR products tailored to unravel today’s most complex diseases.


Oytlyer is a DevOps monitoring tool for online services which provides native and easily extensible custom monitoring for Cloud, SaaS, Microservices and IoT deployments.


Chirp lets you share data with sound. Any device with a speaker or microphone can send and receive information through audio-clips.

Big Data For Humans

Big Data for Humans provides automated customer insights for business leaders in the retail and travel sector.


Kare provides a smart way to organise your files. It teaches itself your basic usage to deliver the right files, emails, and events when you need them.


StockViews is a marketplace that connects professional investors with a network of independent equity analysts. Analysts are ranked and rewarded based on the performance of their ratings and quality of their research. Investors pay a subscription fee to access the best research, which is curated according to their investment style. 80% of the fee is passed on to the top performing analysts, creating a strong incentive to produce quality research.


“All your cards in one”. Curve allows customers to combine all their cards in one an unlock many benefits and rewards systems.

Gecko Labs

Gecko Labs provides cutting edge recruitment software to educational institutions across the UK.


Craft is building the “Source of truth” on companies. Today our technology structures and presents over 50 million data-points on 264,000 companies in 320 sectors, including 300,000 job openings, updated daily.  Our in-depth profiles cover both private and public companies, and are used by sophisticated job-seekers, investors, service providers and marketers to map and track the business landscape.

Threads Styling

Threads Styling is London’s leading personal shopping assistant service assisting clients all over the world with luxury shopping purchases and professional styling advice.


Ecomnova is an e-commerce business that designes and operates gfting websites for its own brands and major retailers.


Pepper aims to be the leading B2B platform to bring to life the capabilities of mobile phones and other mobile technologies in the physical retail environment.


Banneya London is a platform for customised fine jewellery from the best luxury and contemporary designers. Each piece is exclusively made to order using the best of craftsmanship in the UK.

Astrid & Miyyu

Astrid & Miyu is a contemporary jewellery brand established with the aim to provide well branded, well designed and well made jewellery at affordable price points.


Powervault has developed the UK’s first fully-integrated home energy storage system, which stores free renewable energy from solar panels and releases it at night when household energy demand peaks. It aims to become the leading UK supplier of home energy storage systems, helping customers and the UK cut energy costs, increase energy security and reduce carbon emissions.

One Pulse

In the time it takes to get a coffee, insights are ready with OnePulse. The tech industry has called OnePulse “the Twitter of Research”; it takes response rates, response times and user engagement to levels never-before-seen by conventional digital surveys.

Skin Analytics

Skin Analytics is a mobile based skin cancer diagnostic service that uses dermascopic imaging to make early diagnosis of melanoma easier.

La Salle Education

La Salle Education is an education technology company whose platform, Complete Mathematics, supports teachers to achieve meaningful improvements in pupils’ attainment in mathematics. The platform uniquely integrates the provision of education materials with assessment tools to provide benchmarking and improvement data on both the teaching and learning processes.


Hackajob is a high-end tech jobs marketplace that matches technical candidates with jobs and screens their skills with job-specific coding challenges.


acasa is a simple and straightforward way to set up and manage bills in your home.


Homeshift combines ‘must have’ household services such as energy, internet and insurance into a single platform as a monthly home-as-a-service subscription with the long-term intent of being the contextual dashboard for the home.


Dojo is a mobile app that helps thousands of young Londoners find cool places to eat, drink and visit in their city. Every day, Dojo curates the best things to do in the capital, with a particular focus on unique hidden gems. Visit their website for more information.


Baby2Body is redefining the way women experience motherhood by providing innovative education, advice, products and services all in one place. Check their website to learn more!

Our Partners