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Our approach

Our Vision

London – A fertile ground for entrepreneurs

Our Mission

Bridge the London funding gap for early stage businesses and enable real opportunities for sustainable growth.

Our Goals

  • Creation of an evergreen capital base for continuous support to small and medium sized enterprises in London who are caught in the finance gap.
  • Be the catalyst for high growth businesses within London.
  • Provide best of breed fund managers with real investment opportunities to deliver investment to small businesses.
  • Reinvest success, fueling continuous fund provision to support the next generation of high growth businesses.

Our Strategy

Paramount to the achievement of our vision is the ability to grow our capital base, to enable us to continue to create new funds and to manage our operational costs. Therefore, our strategy incorporates the following activities:

  • Support our equity funds to deliver expected economic impact, i.e. creations of jobs and contribution to growth;
  • Re-invest our fund returns in projects that not only support our growth strategy for London, but also offer us the ability to maximise returns; and
  • Secure new sources of funding from the European Investment Bank and the ERDF Programme (2014–2020).